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Occupational Therapy

The overall aim of the Occupational Therapy Department is to enhance an individual’s ability to function on a day-to-day level in the areas of self care (i.e., bathing, dressing, feeding), productivity (i.e., paid work, volunteer work, school, homemaking) and leisure.  In fact, the term “occupation” refers to any task or activity that is important and meaningful to an individual and to which that individual devotes time and energy.  In therapy, the goal would be to improve or maintain a person’s ability to engage in these activities, or to prevent a loss from occurring in the first place.  The goal can be achieved in a variety of ways including the use of activity, seating and positioning, splinting, environmental changes, education and assertive devices (to name just a few). 

In addition, the Occupational Therapist is authorized by the Assertive Devices Program (ADP) to request funding assistance for those needing walkers, wheelchairs, positioning devices, or other mobility aids. 

Appointments can be arranged to discuss the program and eligibility criteria, and to complete the assessment and paperwork. 

The Occupational Therapy Department was established at Englehart and District Hospital Inc. in September 1996.  The therapist is available most Wednesdays and Fridays and may work with in-patients or outpatients. 

A signed referral from a family physician is required in order to receive occupational therapy.



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