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Patient samples are analyzed in three major disciplines consisting of biochemistry, hematology and immunohematology.

The biochemistry department uses a computerized random access analyzer for the testing of patient blood and urine samples.  The department plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks, diabetes, liver disease, kidney function and cholesterol monitoring.

The hematology department is instrumental in the diagnosis of many blood disorders such as leukemia, malaria, infections and in nutritional deficiencies.  The most common blood test performed in this department is the CBC (complete blood count).  Coagulation tests are also performed here.  An example for this is the I.N.R. which is a test to help regulate patients who are on blood thinners. 

The immunohematology department or more commonly known as the blood bank is responsible for compatibility testing of blood, blood typing and the issuing of blood for transfusions. 

Point of Care (bedside testing) is available after hours through the Emergency Department nurses.

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