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Now located in the Family Health Team Clinic Building

  • What we do: Foot assessments and health teaching.

  • We care for: Calluses, corns and problem nails.

  • Nursing Footcare is for people with: Diabetes, poor eyesight, an inability to care for their own feet, arthritic hands, poor circulation, and poor sensation of feet.

  • Fee Per Visit: $25.00 by appointment, no referral is required.

  • To book appointment: Call 705-544-2301 Ext. 5252 and leave a message.


Simple steps can be taken to prevent foot problems.
Prevention is the KEY!

  • Wash your feet daily in warm (not hot) water.

  • If your going to soak your feet, no longer than 10 minutes!

  • Dry well between your toes.

  • If your skin is dry apply lotion, but never put grease in a crease, (that means no lotion between the toes!)

  • Check for cracks between the toes (dryness and cracks in your skin allow bacteria to grow, increasing the risk of infection).

  • NEVER use sharp scissors or razors on or near your feet!

  • Stop smoking because smoking constricts blood vessels, which will cause poor circulation to your feet.

  • Protect your feet from injury and wear good supportive footwear.

  • Seek professional help if you are unable to care for your own feet.


Phone: (705) 544-2301     Fax: (705) 544-5222            61 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 69, Englehart, ON  P0J 1H0               Contact us